Thursday, 30 April 2015

Clever chap that Harold...

...his 28mm (yes 28mm) Clear Horizons 'Nemesis' Light Strike Vehicle comes with optical camo so you don't have to paint it - you just decide what scheme you want and Hey Presto!

okay...I admit it...I've got two...and you do have to paint them!

Lovely design; expertly cast in resin and simple to build (just five parts - front axles/wheels; rear axles wheels; upper front hull; upper rear hull and turret). I built these as soon as I received them (rushed them a bit in my eagerness and didn't get the fit quite right - and I missed a couple of mold lines -  between front and rear hulls but I like the impression this gives of being modular. In fact it would, I think, be possible for Harold to produce alternative rear hulls to change the 'load-out') them a few weeks back but have only just now found time to start painting them.
Here's a pic for scale (Heresy sci-fi trooper)


  1. "comes with optical camo"

    Sorry, am I just stupid? Do you mean it's molded in a great camo colour? (which it is) Or jjust joking? It is a sweet ride, that's for sure.

  2. Sorry - just my idea of humour! It's unpainted, cream coloured resin.

    1. Ugh, too much coffee not enough IQ in my head this morning. BTW, is the hull join line the bent armour seam right in front of the turret?

  3. " the hull join line the bent armour seam right in front of the turret?"