Sunday 6 July 2014

I don't do commissions but...(cont'd)

Despite the proliferation of CAD designed and 3D printed miniatures (which improve with each new release) available now I still love to see hand-sculptured minis holding their own with this relatively new competition. One of my favourite sculptors is Kev White of Hasslefree (also one of my favourite companies - lovely people!) and  I probably have more of his miniatures in my collection (still mostly unpainted!) than those of any other traditional sculptor. One of Hasslefree's most recent innovations has seen the release of many of the miniatures as Resin Masters  and although still available in metal I prefer the sharpness of detail (particularly when they are cast as expertly as these) and the ease in which they can be prepped and, if desired, converted.
Hasslefree's charge d'affaires, Artemis Black, has sent me some of the latest RM sci-fi troopers to paint, three of which are very recent sculpts...

...I'm pretty sure that the plan is to produce this set in plastic sometime in the future.
Here's a couple (the female trooper is holding a different style of helmet but Kev has resculpted her with the new style helmet too) I did a little while back and the scheme I'm favouring (with minor changes) for the five above

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