Thursday 3 July 2014

I don't do commissions but... and then I get asked If I'm interested in painting a particular figure or vehicle by a 'manufacturer'. If I like what they're offering I'll say yes. I never ask what it is they like about my painting style enough to trust me to do a decent job on what is, after all, often the culmination of a lot of hard work, dedication, financial investment and artistic endeavour but I treat their 'babies' with the greatest respect and do my upmost to paint them to the best of my ability. Here's a few items I've received recently...
You may remember the Draconus class Interceptor I posted last November which was sent to me by Alan of White Dragon Miniatures and which is now just one of several space 'ships' designed for the upcoming game called Shattered Void (you can find more details and see some of the painted models on their Facebook page). I met Alan (and chatted briefly to him at this year's Salute where he had quite a few of the exquisitely detailed resin models on display (and a very nice 28mm pilot which I'll show you in a later post) and he promised to send me some of the new models when he could. He has....
 Hydra Corvette

...Wyvern Bomber and the Interceptor

...two Altair fighters

...comparison pics

 ...and a Hekatte Interceptor and two Dubuk fighters.



  1. These are really cool, i've been looking forward to getting more info on these.

  2. You have the forward section of the corvette on upside down - the blisters should be on the underside....;)