Friday 25 October 2013

Yet another fine Mech...

...but this one's bigger! The Fiddler is a 1/35 resin (apart from the weapons barrels which are brass) kit from White Dragon Miniatures. This is model with over 90 parts that whilst not overly difficult to build would probabley require some experience of working with resin kits. The casting  is of a very high quality and the fit of parts excellent. There are a few mould lines and the usual pouring stubs to be removed but no more than any other resin kit I've built. The only difficulty I encountered was of my own making as I removed too much of the casting block at the front of the main hull and had to do a little filling with Milliput - so trim and test fit regularly! It took me just over a day to build the kit to the stage you see below (held together precariously with Blu-Tak and with a few smaller parts and the manipulator arms still to fit) and is now ready for a soapy water 'bath' to remove any residue mould release agent before painting begins.
You'll find better pics of the built model on White Dragon's site and there is an excellent WIP by Zac, who arranged the license agreement to have the Fiddler reproduced in kit form, on his Resin Addict Blog. There is also a superb digi-camo version on CoolMini.
Here's where I am with mine (I'll take better and more detailed pics as the WIP progresses)

and with a 1/35 figure (I forgot to say it's big) the only element missing imho from the two versions above

I first saw the Fiddler at Salute in April this year and only just managed to stop myself buying it then but I recently came across Zac's build and couldn't resist this time despite it costing a little above my normal budget for such items. I'm absolutely delighted with my weak-willed purchase!


  1. I want to have babies with this model...

  2. You are a machine:
    I bet you are now drinking oil and eating screws ^^
    Cannot wait to see it done!

  3. haha - it keeps casting sly glances at the Levithan (still awaiting completion as is so much on the desk).
    A machine that's rusting badly DM!

  4. Yeah, yeah - don't give me that Skynet bullcrap!
    I know all about you, robot!

  5. Thanks for the props, David! I'm quite humbled that it was my work that inspired you to pick one up!