Wednesday 7 November 2012

WIP: Vanguard 'Samaritans'...

...female trooper.


  1. They look great. Lovely greys and greens that show light and look anything but drab.

    Have you ever thought of putting out guides like the Tom Wise ones? I would love to see the steps you went through to do them.

  2. Brilliant!!!
    Yes, please do guides and possibly videos as well.

  3. Love the work you are putting in these models. When you get the box set, are you planning on going into this much detail for them as well? If so, that you will have one of the best board game sets out there if all the models are to this level! Great work!

  4. Thanks guys - don't really have time to create guides at the moment (started one for camo but have had to put it on hold for a couple of weeks) but happy to answer questions. I only paint one way as I'm not a gamer who might paint for the tabletop so, yes MR Lee, I'll paint them in this manner. It must be said also that as I don't display the models anywhere but on forums etc I'm able to utilise lighting to good effect. The 'Samaritans' have been lit from above with just one close, light source to emulate the lighting in spacecraft corridors and darken the shadows on the figures.