Thursday, 22 November 2012

WIP: Antenociti NRF 'Komodo'...

...power-armoured suit. I received three of these little beauties in the post this morning and despite a truckload of other 'stuff' - domestic and otherwise - I should be doing (sorry mum) I couldn't help pushing it all to one side to put one together. Bear in mind that Jed has cast these in resin for me from the unpolished original print and they're not as perfect as the production models will be when they're released. They come as a kit of parts with several armanent options and, as you can see here, a mechanical 'claw'. Detail is fantastic and it fits together beautifully with very little clean-up required. I'm not sure whether the kit will be all resin, metal or a mixture of both (the latter I suspect) but I'll let you know when I know.
It's held toghether with blu-tak at the moment as I want to be able to get at all that lovely cabling/pipework on the inner legs and side of the torso. There are also several sensors/probes to add but I'll leave these until a later stage in the WIP.



  1. This is awesome! I've been waiting for these… I want to use it as a 15mm battlesuit, anyway you'd be willing to do a comparison picture?

    Oh, and happy thanksgiving!

  2. Right there with you Harold. Though it's a monster in 15mm.

    Wonder if AW will do these in 15mm too.


  3. Great suit..

    Whats the model used as comparison ?

  4. comparison is a trooper from the same faction - NRF - slightly converted to an APC crewman