Friday 10 August 2012


This very nice conversion of a GW Space Marine Scout into a Halo ODST is by a forum buddy - one of a number he's done for use in his gaming - and as his gaming and modelling time is curtailed by a very busy family life I'm helping out by painting this and a few more ODST conversions. A little transparent glazing to finish the visor (Mark's doing the basing) and on to the next one...


  1. Nice. I really like the pig iron stuff and will finally cave when they release the new heavy infantry!

  2. Thanks, SJ. Yeah, me too - I've got a few Heavy Infantry and System Troopers knocking around the blog. I met Simon at Salute in April (really nice guy) and he gave me a few of his new Kolony Rebels as a thankyou for posting pics. Must get around to putting a few together...

  3. I just painted this mini up myself for my generic Merc army. I really like the helmet swap!

  4. Yup very very pleased with this one David thanks again.

    Now on with the other ones there's a good chap! ;)

    (Really appreciate your help with this project David kudos to you, and I'm paying for lunch next time!).

    Mark (AKA Vyper AKA Commander Vyper to you son!)

  5. That look amazing...

    I only wish pig iron did 15mm... especially with separate heads!

  6. Mark, you always say you're paying for lunch....
    Another call for 15mm Pig Iron, Mr H, (masking in post tomorrow - really like what you did with that digi camo) but I think Simon has too many 28mm projects planned to even consider 15mm (and he still sculpts by hand!