Thursday 12 July 2012

WIP: Khurasan 15mm 'Doe' Gunship..

here's the parts 'breakdown' - there are 'in-flight' and 'landed' option parts

it all goes together very smoothly with just a few adjustments (trimming/filing) needed. A tip; fit the missile pods to the wings before attaching to the hull and booms. The missile pod attachments are slightly different - the ones with the slightly raised area at the rear fit on the outer wings with the raised area butting up against the 'spur' on the rear of the wing.

nice 'engine' detail


  1. This is a nice project Dwartist. Looking forward to further progress. Enjoy!

  2. bloody hell, that is lovely.....once the scout vehicle is out i can see a large vehicle order to Khurasan happening for the Russians :)

    Now we just need someone to stock them in the UK.

  3. thats an outstanding model, carn't wait till I can order mine.