Saturday, 28 July 2012

I had to get me some of these...

...after seeing the wonderful PJ 'Spacejacker' did with them (and one or two that aren't from the set I've quoted). They are ACP's  15mm 'Port Reliant Mercs' and are quite simply stunning! It must be said though that as they are CAD designed they do suffer from print lines on certain areas but I've not let that bother me....
I've painted one so far (couldn't resist even though I've plenty of other stuff I should be getting on with) - my favourite, a heavy weapons specialist


  1. Thanks for the mention.. You've pulled off an amazing treatment of this model Dwartist, I love it.

    I have a spare set I'm itching to get done in individual color schemes... Not enough hours in the day . :)

  2. Thanks SJ - not as striking as yours but as I've only recently started painting 15mm I'm happy with the result. "Not enough hours in the day" - ditto!!

    1. I paint very high-contrast compared to how I'd tackle a 28mm miniature. You are outclassing everyone with your 15mm stuff.. Glad to see you enjoying the scale so much!

  3. Well, don't know about outclassing everyone - I can obviously still be inspired by other painter's PJ's. Those that make you think 'I wish I'd done that' as your Mercs did. Never thought I'd enjoy 15mm so much but, of course, the quality of product is so much better now and improving all the time. Got some great vehicles 'on the way' to go with the ACP's Mercs and other troopers.

  4. I can only echo Spacejacker's comments. Really top job on a classy mini! Let's see some more, please!

  5. WOW!

    You do such a fantastic job bringing 15 mm (and other scales) Sci-fi figures to life!

    Do you game with these figures as well?

    Which rules do you use?

    Happy painting,


  6. Thanks Allan (and Carmen!) - no, no games just a painter.