Wednesday, 2 March 2011

nov-Rus APC WIP...

...interior so far. front hull wall blanked off (engine area); walls and floor fitted; driver and gunner's (remote turret) positions temporarily in place. All the hatches and the rear ramp apertures still need a final clean-up.

I've used Antenociti's older control pads as instrumentation and seats from a couple of Tamiya Hummers (bit extravagant that and could easily be scratchbuilt). The turret drum in position

and rear seating (arrangement to be finalised)

I've scaled the inerior to Jed's P.E.A troopers - approx 1/48. Still to add a 'radio-stack', stowage and lots of cabling.
I've primed the Skorpion too - ready for airbrushed camo at the weekend. I'm painting it in the same scheme I've used on all the G.O.T vehicles so far as I want to display it with the two jet-bikes finished a couple of weeks ago. I've inadvertently fixed the main gun too far back on the mount mistaking a 'slot' for a fixing point. When you get one of these check Jed's pics for positioning.


  1. That's very good work on a vehicle I'm probably going to get.

  2. It'll be worth the investment (whatever that may be) if only for its flexibility of build. The floor clips in to the hull so its easy to add lots of detail and paint before closing-up!