Saturday, 26 March 2011

APC interior finished...

...or so I thought. I need to rethink the steering wheel/column  - as it stands it would block entry from the hatch above so will try a 'swing' coloumn attached to the central transmission the idea being it can be unlocked and swung away for ease of access for the driver.
There are two main componants - the hull bottom

and the main hull to which the other seating is attached. New items include added detail to the driver's and gunner's seats; spare ammo rack; crew personal weapon (Hasslefree as the nova-Rus troopers and weapons won't be available for a little while and I wanted different weapons to the PEA troopers)  racks; comm panels for crew and passengers.

Of course the driver/gunner compartment will be hidden by the enclosed turret drum when the vehicle is complete