Saturday 2 January 2010

Ma.K mechanic....progress

My photography isn't accomplished enough to post each stage of painting between the last and this photo...sorry. A full account of this stage of painting the mechanic's face follows...
I've 'glazed' the shaded areas using, initially, watered down GW washes. The first colour was Baal Red (diluted to a pinky red) painted on the upper cheeks; the edges were feathered into the main colour using a brush (size 1, one for painting and one for blending) just dampened on my lips. This colour was painted and, again feathered, under the lower lip, under the nose, in the ears and around the eyes. I also painted the lips with this colour too. I then used undiluted Baal Red to repaint under the nose, around the eyes, in the ears, around the nostrils, under the lower lip and the upper lip. Ogre Flesh wash (a darker red than Baal) was then used to add depth to the shading under the nose, the upper lip, around the nostrils, around the eyes and the join between face, collar and cap. Devlan Mud wash (a brownish red shade) was then used to darken the line between the lips, the nostril openings, the space between eyes and nose, under the brow and the join between face and clothing. I then mixed a grey from the three colours used so far, diluted it and washed it over the lower jaw, the space between nose and lips and under the jawline feathering each area as it was painted. This, and the next stage, was used to 'cool' the face befitting the environment the mechanic is working in and not an attempt to create '5'o'clock shadow (which I don't do very well!). To accentuate this further I glazed the flesh highlight colour, GW Elf Flesh, over the higher points of the face (nose, upper nostrils, upper eyelids, chin and cheeks). Finally, in an attempt to create a slightly weary feel, I glazed thinned down Asureman Blue wash under the brow and under the eyes.The eyes were painted Vallejo Sky Grey; thinned Baal Red was touched into the corners and Devlan Mud under the upper lid before the eyeballs were painted with Vallejo Prussian Blue the edges of which were highlighted with a little white added to the Prussian Blue. A dot of white was added to represent reflected light.The cap has been painted with the base colour of the camoulflage, Vallejo Track colour.

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