Sunday 31 January 2010

Forgeworld Tauros Venator

There's a little interest around the wargames forums in this new vehicle from Forgeworld so I thought I'd post some  pics and links...  (sorry about the photo colour - had the camera on the wrong setting!)
The photo above is of the one-piece main hull (casting blocks on the rear)  here it is from the front and above, and from the side showing the shallow space of the rear deck ( seated troops would be a little exposed sitting there). Turret from the rear,  in its mount and fitted to the hull.
The wheels and axles are here and the driver and gunner here (wouldn't take a great deal of effort to add the missing limbs and use these in other vehicles).
I sold my painted Elysian drop troopers on Ebay so will have to buy a few more to accompany this great new addition. I really like it and on first inspection both the vehicle and crew are cast very well without too many faults or mould lines. I haven't done any comparisons to other 40k vehicles but in real life it would be more a truck than a Jeep.
In progess will follow...                              


  1. Thanks for all the pics and info! Very handy and it has saved me the process of buying one. As much as I like the general look of the vehicle, I really wanted it as a troop carrier and to get rid of the turret...that won't work without a huge amount of conversion so you've saved me £34-00 plus postage.

    A great vehicle...but not to my requirements (although the wheels are really nice...;) ).

  2. Inso, I've also ordered it, also for carrying troops (though mine's going to be a civilian vehicle as part of my 28mm Inquisitor setting). I'm not entirely sure my plasticard-fu is up to task, but it'll certainly be interesting!