Wednesday 6 February 2019

Bob Naismith's 'Overrunners' KS goodies have arrived...

...and I've made a start on the 'Overrunners' attack and ambulance Jeips by adding some missing items. Although superbly detailed they are wargaming vehicles that require a little work before they can be classed as display models. For instance the driver figure has the steering wheel and gear lever attached to the hands once he is built but there isn't a gear box for the lever to fit into and the steering wheel does not have a column. I've added a rudimentary gearbox, a steering column and foot pedals. I've also added support for the stretcher and a pedestal to the medic's (?) seat. interestingly the only troopers who have fixed heads are the drivers and the wounded trooper so I've swapped the head on one of the drivers (and will do so with the other two Jeips I have) to make the drivers more individual.

Below are a few of the troopers and the single and twin jet-bikes


  1. I can't wait to see your magic when these are painted. The jet bikes are very cool.

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