Friday, 4 May 2018

WIP: Bob Naismith's 28mm 'Overrunner' Jet-Bike...

...this is the single seater, one-man (person) version but there is also a two seater. The rider is separate from the bike as are the riders arms and steering controls/handlebars (which are attached to the arms). I understand from Bob that he is making and supplying a set of separate handlebars so the bike can be displayed dismounted. The casting includes a set of 'feet' under the bike so it can stand unaided and there will likely be a flying stand included. I am painting the bike and rider separately and when finished will glue the body on the bike then add the arms and controls (they just slide into the slot on the top of the bike). The fit of parts is exemplary and I didn't encounter any problems when dry fitting the various parts together. The bike I have is actually a prototype 3D print and not a resin casting but as with the resin casting of the 'Overrunner' trooper below, it is pretty flawless and the design is excellent. The bike itself is almost finished I just need to add a couple of filters and a bit more wear&tear/weathering.

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