Wednesday 22 November 2017

The only game in town...

... based upon Ron Cobb's original concept for the APC in 'Aliens', I saw this a few weeks ago painted by it's creator, Shaun Allen aka 'Bulldog'  (one of a very few at the top of my favourite painters list) and posted on the Forum of Doom as part of his collection of vehicles he has painted for the Prodos Games AvP 28mm wargame. A begging pm later and I am now the proud owner of two (and a set of several turrets he has designed for them). They were sold to me at a very reasonable price which must only cover the cost of work and materials. They are hand-made garage kits and as such lack the finesse of, for example, Antenocitis resin castings but, boy, do they make up for it in character! As one would expect from a one-man enterprise the castings are not perfect but easily improved if you feel the need and they do fit together without too much difficulty. I decided right away not to worry about any surface imperfections and, in fact, have tried to make a virtue of them by highlighting little dents and holes to make it look like wear and tear from battle damage. I have also painted the first one in a very worn, faded looking olive drab to enhance the appearance of a well used 'battle-taxi'. Before I post the wip pics I'll show you how good they can look...(models painted by Shaun Allen and posted with permission).  He is not only very talented but consistent and prolific - check out his website Tanks and Trolls (edit: blog link isn't working - I will try again later) for more wonderfully painted models!

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  1. Aliens one of my all time favourite films. However in hindsight may not have been the best film for the `first date' I took a young lady on. I never did get a second date.