Tuesday, 3 October 2017

White Dragon Miniatures 32mm Modern British troopers (Afghanistan)...

..circa 2014. The first four are finished and based.

and they'd be good for near future and post apoc too!


  1. They look bloody excellent D! A little "uniform" in terms of EQPT for gen. UK and a touch "heroic", but wonderful. And as you say ... very suitable for NFSF.

    Q: don't suppose the weapons were separate by any chance?

  2. OK, should have read further down ... one-piece casts :)

  3. Thanks! Would have been nice to have both the weapons and heads separate, Andrew. They were designed 'heroic' but they are less so than some. There are a lot more to come...different poses and helmets.

  4. Cannot wait :)

    I shall now prostrate myself and slither backwards out of your Godly presence ,-)