Monday 21 August 2017

WIP: Prodos Games M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier...

...aka 'Aliens APC'. I had a few issues with Prodos regarding the very late delivery of the 'Cheyenne' dropship but the M577 has arrived as promised and it's an absolute cracker! It has a very detailed interior and comes with three crew members - commander, driver and gunner (there are also a couple of bonus items that are included as part of a pre-order offer - more about these in a later post); I'm a little surprised at the decision to split the hull in two as the join is directly through a couple of screens and the commander's desk but the fit is pretty good. The hull parts virtually clip together after a little clean up so perhaps it won't be too problematic. It also looks like you can leave the roof loose so the interior can be viewed though in doing so it becomes obvious that the driver could not use his door to enter.

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