Monday, 31 July 2017

WIP: Spectre minaitures MRZR-2 Light Attack Vehicle...

...I had originally planned to incorporate the 'Razors' in a 'near-future' diorama with my second Antenociti 'Superhawk' landing craft (they actually fit perfectly in the hold) and I was going to use the more futuristic looking Puppets War Tactical troopers to accompany the vehicles (similar to the Infinity Ariadna minis on the first 'Superhawk' diorama) hence the first vehicle being built and painted without crew in/on the vehicle. When I ordered the 'Razors' I did actually order the two crew sets but hadn't planned to use them this time  but the more I looked at them and at the minis on Spectre's website the more I liked them so I thought why not?....except it might mean painting multi-cam!
Now I've painted camoulflage patterns on numerous minis over the years reasonably successfully but it has always been on sci-fi minis and therefore very much open to interpretation. Could I paint a real-life pattern like multi-cam? Well I've given it a go...

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  1. I think you pulled off the multicam quite well. Keep up the good work!