Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Deep Space Factory 'Iguana 911'...

...just about finished (a bit of dust and dirt on the feet needed I think). A big bugger this...I've included a pic from when I first built and reviewed the 'Iguana' to show it compared to a 28/30mm mini (Anvil Industry Republican Grenadier).


  1. Really glad you posted this. That's a great looking model. Looks to be about the size of the Puppetswar Prime Battle Walker. I've been hoping to find a playmate for that guy and you've provided just that!

  2. Oh, I also meant to ask.. what was ordering like? Was delivery prompt?
    Really hoping they get the tank done soon as I would like to get both in one go :D

  3. Great company to deal with, Michael. I've had the 'Iguana 911' for quite a while so not really sure how long it took to arrive after ordering. Not too long I don't think...
    I'm looking forward to the tank too!