Friday, 31 March 2017

WIP: Antenociti's 'Azure Dragon' Landing Craft...

...I've been working on a couple more 'passengers' and a mech (Albino Raven 'Behemoth') for airfield security and eventually got around to adding the cockpit canopies (masking pulled off some of the airbrushed paint so I need to do a little repair work. I would have been better hand painting the frame!)


  1. Always love your stuff! Just wanted to add a little caveat to folks who try to get the Behemoth: Albino Raven is very tough to get orders from, I had to open up a paypal dispute myself after a few months of no contact from them. So, buyer beware! Keep at it Dwartist!

  2. Thanks Van. Sorry to hear about your difficulty with Albino Raven - didn't experience any difficulty when I placed an order with them.

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