Wednesday 9 November 2016

WIP: Spartan Games Halo 'Pelican' Dropship...

...painting the interior. I've added a few 'gubbins' to fill the empty walls at the front of the hold and covered the holes in the floor with strips of Antenociti's etched brass sci-fi decking. I haven't over-worried about the detail in the hold as it will only be visible through the ramp opening. Although designed to have the hull roof attached by magnets the resulting gaps are to big for me so I will glue the roof onto the hull and leave the ramp in the down position (missed a trick here SG - I'm surprised you only offer the option of having the ramp open or closed). Added some decals and now the two halves are almost ready to be joined.


  1. I think that penultimate photo demonstrates the need for some internal LEDs?
    Looks great, can't wait to see the outside.

  2. Leds!!? Bit beyond my capabilities, Ralph! If anybody bothers to look (selling on after painting) inside it's painted...that'll do!

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