Tuesday, 14 June 2016

WIP: Antenociti's 28mm 'Super-Hawk' dropship...

...now has a crew-chief! Someone suggested that the 'Tractor-Mul' in the hold needed to be safely secured and that I would suffer the wrath of the crew-chief should I not make it safe. The 'Mul' is, of course, held in position by the electro-magnets in the floor plates adhering to the metal tracks (What? It's sci-fi!). However I liked the idea of a crew-chief (thanks Cpt.Jake!) shouting instructions in the hold so after a little, minor conversion work I now have one. He's using the touch screen to his right to release the magnets and allow the 'Mul' to be off-loaded (he's not fixed into position yet).


  1. "Come on you APES! D'you wanna live forever?!"

    Can't wait to see the full scene.


  2. Fantastic, the whole thing really tells a story.

    Jake (CptJake)