Saturday, 14 May 2016

WIP: Antenociti 28mm 'Superhawk' dropship...

...floor and data screens finished (painting the floor dk.grey saves me from worrying about filling the centre-line join as it now looks like a natural break between the floor panels). Just a couple of details and a some 'tidying' to do then I'll add a little subtle weathering. I've included pics with a couple of Hasslefree's sci-fi troopers to give an idea of scale.


  1. You're doing a great job with the painting, I usually (always) go for the military pale green I got used to back in my service days driving M113; but the sand/brow tones you're using look gorgeus! Cant wait to find out which color scheme you use.
    Interior details are pretty damn nice! I really like the way you painted screens, but like even more all the informative decals out there. Maybe you missed the small container for the first aid kits near the back door, would be nice to see the red cross painted ;)
    Forgot to say... I'm the one that made the paper model behind the chickenhawk resin model ( and the one who made the 3D model for the resin one too. And you can count with my BIG SEAL OF APPROVAL! ;)

  2. No need to introduce yourself! Your on my 'favourites'! Thanks very much for your kind comments; your 'BIG SEAL OF APPROVAL' means a lot.
    I hadn't missed the 'red crosses' but I did forget to paint them and in my eagerness to get the two sides of the hull joined they're still unpainted (almost forgot to attach the ramps too!). I've just left the PC for a moment and I think I can still reach them.
    I did consider green for the interior but have recently used it on another couple of models and fancied a change - hence the cream.
    Exterior will be a variation on your own colour schemes.
    I have three versions of your Samsara too ; painting the crane at the moment but haven't got further than base coats and decals. Look forward to speaking to you again!