Sunday, 21 February 2016

WIP: Nuts Planet 1/20 Exo Suit Light Armour...

...and GC-B1 (more of which in a moment). I bought this wonderfully sculpted and cast miniature several months ago and started work on it by painting the head and then put it to one side (not least because the painted figure on the Nuts Planet website is painted masterfully by the sculptor, Ki yeol Yoon - fast becoming one of my favourite painters - and one wonders if any attempt to emulate his PJ is going to fall short). Recently, though, Nuts Planet have released a 1/20 futuristic looking motocycle  - the aforementioned GC-B1 - which I thought would look good with the exo-trooper and while waiting for it to arrive I started work on the figure again. I just need to add some markings and a little wear and tear on the armour. To overcome my reticence I've painted the figure a little differently to Ki's though I have shamelessly copied some of his details.


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