Tuesday, 14 July 2015

This might surprise you...

...this was included in the box with the 28mm Anvil Industry 'Shards of Liberty' Instigator vehicles and figures I received a few days ago...a BUST! Yes a BUST! It's a head and torso of a Republic trooper in a Pulse-Mech suit that has been scaled up from it's smaller counterpart with added 'damage'. I'm not sure of the scale - possibly about 1/20 (at least it looks close to the size of a lot of the Ma.K figures I have in that scale) and large enough for those of you adept with an airbrush (I use an airbrush a lot but I'm a bit heavy-handed) to make a nice job of shading and highlighting the helmet and armour plating. I've laid down the base colour and added a few highlights with the airbrush but then got out the brushes! Now the last time I painted a bust was over twenty years ago so...
It's still very much a WIP and I've just about finished the face, helmet and neck armour. I believe this will be released for general sale in the not too distant future.

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  1. I have seen this already online, and think it is a great piece. Love the direction your taking on it, and curious how it will be in the end. Definitely not the scale we see from you normally, but I see a cracking awesome job coming out of it all the same!