Wednesday, 3 June 2015

WIP: White Dragon Miniatures 'Proteus' Mech...

...I'm splitting the previous post's subject matter into two WIP's. The 'Armadillo' will be built/painted with a squad of the troopers. The photos I took yesterday evening of the 'Armadillo' didn't turn out so good so I'll redo them and post progress tomorrow.
The 'Proteus' is built and went together very easily but it may be of help if I explain how I went about fitting the parts together successively. I first of all attached the legs to the torso using 'gel' type superglue to give me a little more time in getting the positioning of the legs right. I added the glue to both then attached the torso to one of the legs using a piece of glass to get the level correct (torso upright, foot flat on the glass). Holding the torso/leg on the glass with one hand (left) I immediately attached the second leg with the foot again flat on the glass and held the torso/legs in that position until the glue had set. The torso/legs now stood unsupported.
After playing around a little with the positioning of the  arms I decided to attach the right arm to the gun and ammo belt at the same time; the ammo belt is a very positive fit into the gun's receiver so I first glued this and then glued the upper part of the belt and the arm to the hand (already cast on to the gun's handle) at the same time again using 'gel' superglue. This gave me a very stable unit that I could hold in position while gluing the left arm to meet the left hand cast on the gun (I drilled and pinned the right shoulder ball and socket to make it even more secure as I glued the left arm). The right arm unit will be painted separately from the torso/legs and added when painting is near complete. The two head options have been drilled and pinned and they too will be painted separately and then a decision will be made as to which I'll use. You might notice as you peruse the photos that the rear of the right foot has sustained some damage; this is due to my clumsiness and not a fault in the casting. I'll try to retrieve the missing part from the 'carpet monster' but may have to carve a replacement from the resin sprue. Incidentally if you get this right the 'Proteus' will still stand unsupported despite the extra weight of the large weapon. In the photos the right arm has dropped slightly so the left arm and hand don't quite meet. This will be corrected when I finally glue the right arm in position permanently.

Although designed as a 15mm mech the 'Proteus' sits readily alongside 28mm and even 54mm figures.


  1. Hey, wanted to ask, what model line is that 28mm infantryman from?


  3. Hi; you mention 'gel' superglue - what make is it & where do you get it please?

  4. Hi; you mention 'gel' superglue - what make is it & where do you get it please?

  5. Loctite Power Flex. Get mine from Homebase (or did until they shut down recently).