Monday 19 January 2015

I never wanted to paint and collect 15mm sci-fi miniatures...

...but some people can be very persuasive as, of course, can the beautifully designed and cast miniatures they produce. Late last year I was presented with the opportunity to paint a new 15mm Dropship that will very shortly be the subject of a Kickstarter project instigated by James 'Jimbo' Burrell of ACP Games who produced the excellent set of Mercs I painted a couple of years ago.

I have now received the castings for the ACP  'Vanir' Dropship and will begin a WIP very shortly. Jimbo has already completed the painting of one of the 'Vanir' and a bloody nice job he's made of it too...

Here's the one  received's huge!

It measures about 18x13cm and comes as a kit of parts - 20 resin and 13 metal -  (the photo you see above attests to the great fit of the parts as it has just been slotted together without glue or blu-tak - hence the not quite aligned engine nacelles. It also lacks it's undercarriage, sensors and weaponry).

The kit includes a separate lower hull with a very detailed interior complete with seating (seating which even has  restraining bars for their occupants!) and a ramp which can be displayed open or closed.

More very soon...


  1. What a fantastic looking model - I'm going to enjoy watching this WIP.

    I don't want to get into yet another scale/genre either but posts like this aren't helping! I tell myself its so I can play with my son but it wouldn't be honest to suggest it was ONLY for him... :-)

  2. Very cool kit, I'm looking forward to seeing your interpretation.

    I like the way the camo was done on the painted version, very cool.

  3. That looks awesome, makes me what to get into 15mm just so that I can have one.

  4. 15mm stalks all modellers at some time!
    Love the transport ship =)

  5. Very nice, I can't wait to see your paint up.