Sunday, 9 March 2014

...and I hate it even more now...

must resist, must.....
Painted another three and my eyes are knackered!


  1. Well, knackered eyes or not, you've made a damn fine job of 'em!

  2. But as usual, your color schemes are quite nice!

    I have resorted to using an OptiVisor for 28mm, so I will definitely use it when I get around to my 15mm stuff.
    If you have not tried an OptiVisor, I recommend it. I was gun shy until someone let me try theirs out at a game convention.

  3. Thanks guys! M, I've been using an optivisor for years on all scales - couldn't manage without it.

  4. Great stuff... love the painted visors.

    Do you guys prefer the optivisor? I've taken to using a magnifying lense attached to the lamp I used.

  5. My wife bought my optivisor many years ago and though it's getting a little worse for wear others I've bought more recently aren't as proficient. The one I use has a 2x mag lens and another 2x that can drop behind the first giving me 4x mag (most figure painting done with that now). Never tried the lens/lamp set-up.

  6. Ive an optivisor and I really need to look at using it. If it helps me paint like this. If it dosnt ill be back to complain....:)

    great great paintjob!