Wednesday 8 January 2014

WIP: Khurasan 'Sabre' lt/med tank... 28mm. Approx 140x80x60 mm in size and cast very cleanly and expertly in resin. There are eight parts:- the hull, two track units (with spaces between the wheels and nicely detailed tracks! I think Jon may be thinking of making AG units too), a turret, main gun, seperate hatch (nice deep space in the turret great for a commander figure) and two smoke grenade units. Fit of parts is exemplary - good, positive locating points for all parts - and it goes together in no time at all. If you're wondering about the very robust towing pintle at the rear of the hull apparently this is for towing the power unit for the large weapon of the planned self-propelled gun.
The design is very clean and uncluttered and puts me in mind of the concept painting of the USCM M22 Jackson tank in the 'Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual' and as such will sit nicely with Khurasan's  28mm Caiman APC.


  1. That is a very pretty piece of resin! The chassis is awesome and would make a lovely APC as well. Any chance of a 'no-turret' picture?

  2. sorry Steve - forgot to take the pics before priming. Might be a bit dark

  3. Thanks for the pics! That is a truly beautiful piece of resin and the perfect size too. When it gets released it may well be the thing that breaks my Khurasan duck (may as well get some jet-bikes while I'm at it as well). Cheers again!