Monday 23 December 2013

The Wargames Store... Brimstage Forge is a very recent discovery - a local games store which is literally on my doorstep to which I paid my first (and most certainly not my last) visit just 15 minutes ago (I said it was on the doorstep!).
Have a peruse of their website to see the many and varied games, figures and essential hobby items they stock, you will be pleasantly surprised. Vitally for me they stock my paint of choice, Vallejo, for both the brush and airbrush - vital because until very recently I've purchased them online but our erstwhile postal service has decided in its wisdom to restrict the number of paint pots that can be included in a parcel through the post. I also needed a couple of cans of GW's Chaos Black which I need to prime several of Antenociti's vehicles as it  takes ages with the airbrush. Despite the fact that they were stored on the very bottom of the paint rack and I had to creakily get down on my hands and knees to retrieve them I am delighted I've finally made the effort to visit this lovely store with its very welcoming ambiance and excellent range of products.


  1. Hey dwartist. If brim stage forge is local, where are you? I'm just west of Chester. Brandlin. Aka Alan.