Saturday 16 November 2013

This is one very aesthetically displeasing vehicle...

...even the makers, Puppets War, call it a 'Brick' and yet I find it strangely appealing! Pictured here with a couple of the Puppets War  Troopers which are very, very nice. The 'Brick' is a kit of very few parts (displayed on their website) and the fit of those parts is exemplary so much so that the one you see here has just been clipped together without gluing. An good, clean, all resin cast with very few flaws (just a couple of raised edges on the front that will clean up without any problem) and no casting blocks to remove whatsoever! The upper hull hatches are separate items but they cover cast-on grill detail and do not open into the hull interior so it's not possible to place figures within unless you drill out the aperture. the rear ramp is also part of the upper hull and not separate. There is a range of turrets with different weapon options available (none are included with the kit) which will fit the large space on the hull top.

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