Thursday 1 August 2013

Our wonderful summer continues...

...but it's not condusive to painting production as paint is drying very quickly and water in the pots is evaporating. I work in a renovated attic space which is roomy and well organised (if a little untidy) but it is not an ideal working space if the weather is either very cold or very hot (it's a bit like a sauna at the moment) as it affects not just the paint but also my desire to paint. I've managed to continue with the 'Leviathan' in short bursts but the time required to prep, prime, basecoat and layer paint the top coat on figures is not worth contemplating until the weather cools substantially. My apologies to the two gentlemen (and Mark) who are still waiting for 'stuff' - I hope to be able to recommence very shortly.


  1. I thought saunas were supposed to be relaxing? :)

  2. Ha - I have my own hobby area in exactly the same place. Attic, directly under the roof. Hot as hell or almost as cold as outside:) Definitely not the best place in hot summer:)

  3. haha that relaxing Mr.H that I struggle to keep my eyes open! Incidentally just seen the sculpts - WOW!
    Thanks Inkub - good to know it's not just me!