Saturday, 27 July 2013

WIP: Eisenkern 'Leviathan' pt.6...

...further elements of the armour plating added (much of it still dry-fitted - and a bloody good fit it is; no blu-tak here!) and the Vulcan cannon has been airbrushed in it's basic colours. Got the brushes out and added a little more weathering to the leg armour and highlighted some of the edges and rivets on the chest and head armour.


  1. This is looking so good - I am really enjoying the regular updates as you progress it.

    The weathering looks great so far - any tips or tutorials on your weathering approach in general?

  2. Thanks FM - all the techniques I use for painting both vehicles and figures are pretty much covered in different posts on the blog. Have a browse or feel free to ask me about specific techniques. Cheers, David