Friday 14 December 2012


Quite fancied a Dust 'Prinzluther' to go with my plastic Dream-Forge Games Kriegsmarine when they arrived but apparently you can't purchase this particular item unless you are a 'Dust Elite' member which you become by registering as such and paying a fee of $50!
Thanks but no thanks.

Edit: thanks for your input guys - I was perhaps a little hasty in my condemnation as it appears that registering for 'Dust Elite' allows you to pre-order therefore having first 'dibs' on the new stuff. Hopefully it will be available (unpainted?) to us plebs at a later date.


  1. lol thats mental!

    why not use the heavy panzer walker and one of the new warlord plastic german half tracks, bit of a kit bash and your sorted!

  2. That's only to pre-order it. You can still order it as usual once it's released. The whole Elite thing seems a bit weird to me, but it's not become that bad yet. :)

    But why not get the model from your regular games outlet? I take it you'll paint it yourself in any case.

  3. I think there's an unpainted version coming too. Doesn't look quite as pimped but at least you're not paying for a paintjob that you could do better anyway!

  4. That's Paolo Patente's own site, isn't it, rather than the Fantasy Flight stuff? He sells a whole load of "premium" stuff.

    I'm really looking forward to getting my Eisenkern, too. Hopefully we'll having a shipping date soon.

  5. The standard release will be unpainted but with a grey primer coat and decals, Dwartist. The Dust vehicle models are usually only partly glued so you can normally take it apart to some degree, give it a dettol bath and start from scratch. There's nothing wrong with the primer coat, I just prefer to strip it for removing mould lines. Really nice kits, proper hard plastic unlike the Dust figures.