Friday, 11 May 2012

WIP: Khurasan's 15mm 'Combat Drones'

...must be the smallest vehicles I've painted! I'm not sure how Jon intends to package them but they have one basic hull with four different drive systems - wheeled; tracked; legged and grav - and five payloads which fit on the rear  - three weapons stations (a plasma gun, a multiple missile launcher, and a rapid fire medium laser or MG); a cargo flatbed and a medical station (which I don't have as yet). Each of the drive systems have little locating lugs which fit into slots on the underside of the hull - very interchangeable and versatile!
Painting at the moment just consists of an airbrushed, basic camo finish (which at the moment is hiding a lot of nice detail not least of which is the droid eye built into its chassis rather like R2D2 poking out of the top of the X wing in the initial Star Wars series) that needs a little tidying-up before continuing. They have been painted in a modular fashion so I can  illustrate the available twenty (?) options nine of which are shown below. I'm painting my first ever 15mm figure this week so will use that to show scale on a later post.

I also have some small, recon drones to paint which I'll show you on the next update...

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