Thursday, 29 December 2011

on the table for January...

...2012. First up is Jeremy's last adventurer which I hope to finish this week/next week

and then five more of his Elysian/Cadian conversions.
 I 've also been asked to paint another 1/20 'Sasha' (for Neil) and she is now ready for priming. The first Sasha was a 3D print this latest Sasha is a resin casting in kit form which needed a little work (a little filling here and there and the use of a hairdryer to aid fit of one or two parts - left arm/hand to goggles benefited greatly from the elasticity of resin when subjected to a safe ie not a naked flame; hot water or the aforementioned hairdryer are ideal heat source) during the building process.

For some reason the resin casting is slightly bigger than the 3D print. Something to do with the creation of the mould maybe?
I have a complete set of T-Pea troopers to paint for a friend - no's 2-5 are on the table (you may  have seen no.1 in an earlier post)

There are two Fenris 120mm Ark bases on the table which I'll photograph tomorrow.
Christmas week is never a great time for painting - I never get a decent, uninterrupted period of time but I have managed to grab a few hours here and there for building and preparing a few 'vehicles' Forgeworld's resin Elysian 'Taurus' vehicles which I've had for quite some time but initially had difficulty fitting the axles...

thinking of painting them in this scheme...

I also have these two, very nice Tractor Muls from the Infinity range which I received just before Christmas...

...and they fit nicely with most minis eg

There are a few more Grymn, a squad vehicle and possibley a flyer too (for the life of me I can't remember where I got this from)

Also in January I'm hoping to receive the marines from Defiance Games and the 6x6 Rapid Assualt Vehicle from Secret Weapon Miniatures

More tomorrow or Friday and I'll look at Antenociti's plans for 2012 and post some news about minis I'll be putting up for sale.


  1. The flier in your pictures is a Dragonfly from Pardulon ;)

    Quite like that myself ...

  2. Some interesting miniatures and kits there must admit I like the flyer as well

  3. Thanks, Br (I'd never have remembered!) and B. Nice isn't it? Jed has a nice 'flyer' too but I'm waiting for the open cockpit version he was planning.