Friday, 13 May 2011

Cptn Kara Black...

...finished (I might still change the base for a McVey one)


  1. How do you shade the camo by the way, with a wash?
    I'm having difficulty painting a camo pattern without it ending up too dark..

  2. a 'controlled'glaze rather than a wash. very diluted and built up in depth of colour over several layers and just in the deepest folds. very dk. brown or very dk. grey (not quite black.
    I start with a base colour (and might darken this)then highlight individual camo patches (tops of folds) up to 4-5 times again with very diluted, gradually lightend, controlled glazes (working from back to front of the crease/fold). This has the effect of the base colour being the medium shadow leaving the deepest folds for the darker glazes. There's a link to a WIP somewhere on the blog....

  3. Ah right, thanks.
    Going for the creases was my next plan of attack. Not sure how easy it would be to highlight Erbsenmuster though. :/

    I guess I've got some practicing to do..

  4. Because it's scifi I can make the patches of camo larger than they might 'historically' be (though I do as a rule make each patch no larger than the miniatures hand). If the pattern is complicated or small just concentrate on the shadow areas. With E you could try and paint the individual dots lighter or darker depending on whether it's in shadow or on the top of a fold.

  5. Something to think about, and thanks I'll have a look for it.

    Cheers for the help :)

  6. Awesome work Dwartist,very realistic.