Monday, 18 April 2011

Zebu Cruisers and the next 'Bear'

great design and casting on the latest vehicle released by Antenociti's Workshop. I bought my two at Salute and as yet they haven't appeared on the website. They're busy stocktaking so keep checking back...

The kit comes with the option of adding a fire support position on the roof - open or closed - and i've 'borrowed' one of the open ones to add to a 'Bear'. Ive marked the position and drilled and cut out the aperture on the roof to fit a figure.I'm not a fan of painting an area black and adding a half-figure so will probabley leave the hatch off the Zebus or add the closed option.

I've also cut out the rear doors to have one open for loading/unloading scene.

with a trooper

and compared to the Zebu


  1. The Zebu looks realy nice! Will have to buy a couple!

  2. they're lovely - nad a very uncomplicated build. Please mention the blog if you order a couple!Welcome to the blog - good to have you here. Cheers, David