Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Praying Mantis and the weather!

It's been a while...not much happening because of the very cold conditions in my attic working space. We had the space converted last year but didn't put heating in - I thought I'd just layer up; I do but I'm not the problem - it's the Vallejo paint. The paint becomes very viscous and difficult to mix properly in the plastic, dropper bottles and as a result drys with a satin finish or, on occasion, glossy! I've come up with remedy of sorts - heating the paint on a small, electric oil heater I've installed in the space. So...updates.
As if the weather wasn't bad enough I dropped the Monowheel as I was installing the body, complete with finished troopers, onto the wheel. Lots of chipped paint particularly on the figures and at one point I thought I may have to strip the paint and start again. Persuaded to attempt repairs by very supportive comments on the Lead Adventure Forum and Jed I managed a decent recovery. Here's the wheel with crew and damage (although not immediately obvious here) and with a little finishing work to do...
and some close-ups of the 'repaired' crew

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