Monday 4 October 2010

G.O.T. more...

...troopers on Fenris 'Sulaco' bases (still to be painted of course!)

Fenris are going ahead and producing a 'Sulaco' base large enough (120mm round) for the G.O.T. this space!


  1. Great pieces, love how you the numbers on the helmets...awesome paint jobs!!

    As for 120mm bases, I've used Dragon Forge and their stuff is really is a link to their 120mm sci-fi decking base.

  2. Thanks, B. Don't know how I missed that (just ordered a couple of sets of the new heads) but i wanted a large base similar to the ones I already use from Fenris (grill instead of mesh) and he's making one at the moment. Plus he's in the UK, a great guy to deal with and the product and service is excellent. Cheers, David