Sunday, 26 September 2010

Jed's Jeep - a little detail work...

...before adding paint! This is a great little model that just cries out for a really good modeller to 'go to town' on detailing - unfortunately I'm not that great - ok, but not great. So I've just added a little detail here and there. As I wanted the driver's door opened I've added a little detail to both doors

the opening isn't very wide and the angles of the door are a little obstructive if mounting a figure as I intend to do so I've drilled and pinned the door at the hinges to allow for the door opening a little wider
I've also added stowage and a 'mocked-up' base to the weapon mount in the cargo area although it won't be very visible when the model is complete. I've also added 'ablative padding (see the doors) to the upper walls of the rear cabin and some 'gubbins'. I realised, after a little while, that Jed has incuded the mount and housing for the safety belts so added a little belt and clip from spare etched brass belts.
if the door seems to be an odd angle it's because it's not fixed in position yet. And yes, one of the rear mudguards is missing. Heavy handedness by yours truely but has been returned to position(after the photos were taken). The steering wheel and gear lever will be installed after cleaning. Priming and base colours tomorrow, hopefully, for both the Jeep and Monwheel.

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