Sunday, 21 March 2010

It's been a while...

I've been bogged down with domestic stuff over the last couple of months so not a great deal of time has been spent painting. The cold weather hasn't helped as my attic workroom isn't heated apart from the little, electric oil heater I 'borrowed', and while I can layer myself in clothing I've found that my paint of choice, Vallejo, doesn't react well to the cold (it becomes quite viscous and difficult to 'stir/shake' in the bottle resulting in satin or even glossy finishes). I've resorted of late to resting the bottles for immediate use on the heater for a while which seems to help but could potentially be a bit of a hazard!
Apologies to the two gentlemen and Sally (if you read this) who are waiting very patiently for me to finish their commissions/painting guide  (in Rodrigo's case not finish but continue - it will go on for ever and ever!) as what little time I've had to paint has been dominated by my rekindled fondness for Machinen Krieger. I will make progress shortly!
It's been interesting, and a little daunting, to jump scales from 28 to 90(?)mm (after 20 yrs) but I think I'm doing okay.
I've also got a splendid new camera which is defeating my very limited ability to use hence the lack of recent (or reduced quality) photos.
Anyway some pics of recent Ma.K endeavours...heres the so-called Jerry pilot with the worker suit and there'll be a couple more pics of Ma.K in the next post.

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