Friday 23 October 2009

On the desk...1

Back to painting after a near three week, enforced break chasing fraudulent transactions with Paypal (£1048 fully refunded - thankyou paypal).
The partly-painted, lovely little Pig Iron robot (with added helmet) above is a 'mule' for Rodrigo's Neo-Soviet special Force troopers, another five of which are nearly completed. I've also started the interior of the opposing force's Valkyrie by priming grey, airbrushing a misted coat of white and washing with a dirty grey to make the interior look somewhat used. I've added some extra detailing to the roof (lighting and aircon unit) and drop-down rails for the troops. A thumbnail makes a handy little palette! Detail painting of individual units next (lots and lots of buttons!).


  1. what color scheme did you use for the camo? It looks great!

  2. Thanks, glad you like it. check out the WIP links in the post below - '28mm Neo-Soviets'.