Wednesday, 26 February 2014

This is huge!'s a Ratgard 'Cargo R.A.T.' Heavy Carrier which I spotted posted on TMP and liked the look of so bought one - and it is big!  Check out the website to see the breakdown of parts (there'a quite a lot) and a nicely built and painted model. The vehicle is very cleanly cast in resin with just a few, minimal 'pour plugs' to remove before building can commence. I've built the R.A.T. in subsections - cab, cargo bed and tracks to ease painting later. Fit of parts is exemplary - indeed most of it just clips together including the tracks (a very good fit) which are still awaiting a touch of superglue to secure them. The track units being modular are a little fiddly to build and I've actually left off the hull bottom on the tack unit as I couldn't get the several panels to fit easily. I'll go back and sort this out later. Three of the cargo bed panels are hinged and can be opened and closed (hence the brass paper clips) and the two cabin units are hollow with insets for the seperate doors. I've cut out one of the apertures and may add a seat and some controls which will suggest an interior through the partially open door.
Here's a few pics...

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