Thursday, 6 February 2014

Anvil Industry:' Afterlife' Kickstarter...

...I'm a little wary of Kickstarters for miniatures after the disappointment of Studio McVey's and, to a lesser extent, Mantic Games use of the material commonly known as 'Restic' to cast their, undoubtedly, well sculpted and designed miniatures resulting in, for me, very poor quality castings requiring an excessive amount of  'clean-up' before painting can commence. So much so that the products of the aforementioned companies are still in the boxes, untouched and certainly unloved.
Until today the only Kickstarter that has given me a great deal of satisfaction and value for money has been Dreamforge Games with their plastic Eisenkern troopers and Leviathan and I eagerly await the third stage due later in the year. As I said "Until today"....
A box of 'goodies' arrived this morning - and I do mean 'goodies'! I've only had a quick look at the figures (still in their grip-bags) but what I can see is very, very impressive. Cast very cleanly in 'proper' resin (yer can keep yer restic shite!) with, on the quick inspection I've given them, no prominent mould lines, no casting flaws and just a little flash. Great looking, 'hard' sci-fi troopers. Wait 'til you see the detail on the exo-skeletons...Brilliant stuff. Can't wait to see this universe expand (they have some very nice weapons tractors which I foolishly neglected to buy) perhaps with some vehicles.
I'll put a few of the troopers together later (hopefully, other projects permitting) and take some pics.



  1. Sounds good, look forward to seeing the pics

  2. Still waiting on mine to arrive! Joel and the crew did a proper good job on this KS and even delivered on time. I will admire what you do to them while i wait for mine. Please tell me you went vanguard?