Wednesday, 12 February 2014

'Afterlife' Unity Marine troopers...

...first two finished.


  1. Really, really cool!

    How are the dimensions on those? I think the photo is angled a bit, so they look a bit squat. It also could be because they are bulked up from armor. Really nice looking figures.

  2. they are sculpted in 'heroic' proportions Mr.H, deliberately I understand, to fit with and alongside 40k, be easier to paint and be visible on the gaming table. That said much of the bulk could be explained by the armour and heavily padded fatigues but the heads (faces actually) are a little large. The other 'faction', apart from one mech, have the faces hidden so the squat proportions are not as obvious. really nice sculpt though and a pleasure to paint.

    1. Makes sense, and I totally agree... beautiful figures.