Friday, 28 February 2014

Frothers Charity time again...

... and this year Jon Atter has used his powers of persuasion to not only gain permission for use of this iconic imagery but again to persuade several of our hobby's top sculptors to produce them in miniature form - and what a superb job they've done!
I'm sure you're all familiar with Tank Girl and her 'partner', Booga, in cartoon form but have a look at these beauties...
Tank Girl herself sculpted by Kev White

and Booga by Steve Blunt

Jon has sent me a resin master copy of Booga (tank Girl to follow I hope - and a tank!) to paint and I've made a start. Just the head so far (sunglasses not quite finished)...

I'm sure I read somewhere that Jon said there are still a few of the miniatures left (I'll check) so don't miss out and it is, of course, for charity!


  1. sweet, might have to pick up those two.

  2. Very nice and great job in the paint so far