Friday, 27 March 2015

tsk...forgot about the base 'toppers'...

...which should be on general release soon as I'm sure they weren't included in the KS. Here's a selection of what I received (apologies for the quality of the photos - I'll take better ones soon)

and the urban rubble that came with them

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Afterlife: The Shards of Liberty...

...I have some of the castings from the Anvil Industry Kickstarter to show you. First off I have to tell you that the following photos do not do justice to the quality of the sculpting and resin casting on these very new items. They are almost flawless and virtually devoid of mould lines (in fact apart from a little flash on one of the figures I haven't as yet actually seen a mould line!). Very, very impressive!
I'm not a big fan of great-coated figures but the six Unity Guards (I have their commander too but the photo was too poor to post) wearing them below are probably the best example of such figures i've seen...(they come as two-part bodies  - torso and legs - with heads attached)

The Spectre Operative team are superb and are again two-part bodies (as above) but have separate heads (the set I have arrived with six heads - four fully covered by face mask and visor/goggles and two 'character' heads, one with part of the visor/goggles flipped back onto the side of the helmet and the other with both parts of the visor/goggles flipped back and the lower face mask removed. Clever design for the visor/goggles - love it!). On the sprue with the heads are a couple of grenades and ammo mags along with the now obligatory 'urban rubble' and a gun barrel extension, which you can see two of the Operatives carrying on their backs, that can be added to one of the weapons if so desired.

Next are two absolutely stunning Republic Commando Snipers

and a character figure, Republic Strike Commander Idaho Yoshida )two-part figure - body and weapon), who is wearing Japanese Samurai influenced additions to his armour befitting the wonderfully sculpted Oriental features revealed by the removed face guard which he carries on his left hip. Miniature perfection!

More soon...

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Yes I'm still here...

...and will be back next week with pics of some new 15mm items from Khurasan and Clear Horizon Minis; a few progress pics of figures and models in 15mm, 28mm, 1/35, 1/24 and 1/20 scale; and just arrived this morning - my two Clear Horizon 28mm 'Nemesis'  which, incidentally, look good as a small scout vehicle in 1/35 too!

Friday, 20 February 2015

WIP: Clear Horizon 15mm 'Nemesis' Light Strike Vehicle...

...basic camo; shading around detail and in panel lines; edges highlighted; tyres painted.

WIP: Clear Horizon open Drop Pod...

...a little lining in panels and around detail and edges highlighted. Seats started.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

WIP: Clear Horizon 15mm open Drop Pod... with the 'Nemesis' vehicles the Drop Pod has been given an airbrushed base of lt.grey with a little 'zenithal lighting' and as with the Strike Vehicles it doesn't show up too well in the photos. The Drop-Pod comes as a kit of parts - the exterior fittings are the same as the original drop pod but the main hull is now made up of several parts - base, roof, roof hatch, three 'walls', and interior seating (six). The separate seating can be left out should you wish to use the interior for carrying cargo or even a 'mech'.
The 15mm drop -pod is available to order now and I understand that Harold is contemplating a 28mm version (28mm 'Nemesis'is due very soon)
I decided as soon as I saw the images of the open  Drop Pod Harold posted a while ago that I'd want to add a couple (or more - seats six after all!) figures - not just around the vehicle but actually descending the ramps and if possible perhaps occupying one or more of the seats. To accomplish this I've removed the bases from several figures and made a seated figure from the bottom half of one of the  Hell Diver Insertion Team troopers and the top half of one of the Omega Squad troopers.