Thursday, 21 May 2015

WIP: Antenociti's 28mm 'City-Hopper'... a beautifully cast, large chunk of resin! I'll post a couple of pics with some suitable 28mm miniatures but it's quite big - about 18cm long - and very easy to build. Don't know the price yet.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

WIP: Idaho Yoshida, Strike Commander...

...another lovely miniature (great facial features on this) from the Anvil Industry 'Afterlife' Shards of Liberty KS.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

WIP: Clear Horizons 28mm 'Nemesis'... with a bit of disruptive camo. Decals next.

Fits nicely on Ian's (Fenris Games) 'Arc' base if you wanted to make a vignette.

and as Harold hasn't produced any Hell Divers in 28mm as yet you'll have to use your imagination if you want to add crew. Hasslefree's Sci-fi trooper looks great (I'll use a couple of The Five-Eight I think).

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Clever chap that Harold...

...his 28mm (yes 28mm) Clear Horizons 'Nemesis' Light Strike Vehicle comes with optical camo so you don't have to paint it - you just decide what scheme you want and Hey Presto!

okay...I admit it...I've got two...and you do have to paint them!

Lovely design; expertly cast in resin and simple to build (just five parts - front axles/wheels; rear axles wheels; upper front hull; upper rear hull and turret). I built these as soon as I received them (rushed them a bit in my eagerness and didn't get the fit quite right - and I missed a couple of mold lines -  between front and rear hulls but I like the impression this gives of being modular. In fact it would, I think, be possible for Harold to produce alternative rear hulls to change the 'load-out') them a few weeks back but have only just now found time to start painting them.
Here's a pic for scale (Heresy sci-fi trooper)