Tuesday, 19 April 2016

WIP: Antenociti 28mm 'Samsara'...

...Utility Vehicles. Christmas happens several times a year for me! Thanks, Jed!
Originally a card model Jed has obtained the rights to produce this in resin and, as as in the card models, he has provided several variants based on a modular system. They were included in a recent, very successful Kickstarter project and I'm not sure how the eventual retail models will be sold. My three models arrived as three different front hulls, two rear hulls of one type and a third, elongated and raised type plus the various, separate parts - wheels, bumpers, turrets etc.. The various turrets are interchangeable between vehicles. The Samsaras are big buggers too (apparently they are reduced to 80% of their original size!).
As you would expect from Antenociti the resin mouldings are excellent and fit of parts exemplary. the front and rear hulls need sanding flush before joining - this is easily achieved by sanding in a figure eight on sandpaper sheet taped to a board. Be a little careful when aligning the two parts and use gel superglue to give you a little more time to manoeuvre into position. I've drilled and pinned the wheels, bumpers and the parts of the crane (and will probably do the same with the turrets) although none are glued in place as yet.
Nice idea to have the same style wheels as the recently released Warthog ADV.

...and for scale purposes

...oh, and I said they were big didn't I?

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Basing the 'UNS Hopper'...

...that's been sitting on a shelf for almost 18 months. The Industria Mechanica 'Hopper' doesn't have an undercarriage so has to 'float' above it's base. Unfortunately a 'flying stand' is not included in the kit and although I was able to buy a separate display stand to mount the model from Michael at I.M. I wanted to display the 'Hopper' on some kind of base with the standing figure included with the model. I did consider screwing a clear acrylic rod centrally under the hull (which is hollow to allow for lighting the kit) but decided (a very recent 'Eureka! moment) to drill and pin the two solid engine pods which attach to the hull with very robust locating blocks. This seems to have done the trick although I haven't decided yet how best to disguise the pins locating the model to the base.
The base itself will be a quite simple 'docking' area with industrial plating for the floor with possibly a couple of hatches in the floor and some cabling and equipment to alleviate a little of the bareness.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Saturday, 5 March 2016

WIP: 28mm 'Iguana 911'...

...a wonderfully designed, engineered and cast mech from Deep Space Factory. Both the 'arms' and 'legs' are built from several parts and although I've built the 'Iguana' in a very static pose the legs in particular are very poseable. Like many of the mech walkers designed as wargame pieces this too is suitable for several scales.

Friday, 4 March 2016

WIP: Albino Raven 75mm Exo-Skeleton 'Rhino'...

...just a some markings and a little wear and tear on the armour needed before the top half is finished.

Friday, 26 February 2016

WIP: Albino Raven 75mm Exo-Skeleton 'Rhino'...

...I've done a little 'tidying' work on the previously painted camo and painted the backpack and a little more of the cabling.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

WIP: Albino Raven 75mm Exo-Skeleton 'Rhino'...

...I couldn't resist making a start on this one! I like the colours in the camo scheme I used for the Nuts Planet trooper below so used them again here. I will tone it down a little with a couple of filters.