Monday, 20 October 2014

Sunday, 19 October 2014

WIP: Unity Council Crane War-Droid...

...although the dull, grey metal has been painted working up from a medium base to the lightest highlight on the top of edges as I would normally do (shading to be added) I painted the sand coloured armour in a different manner. Each of the separate panels has been highlighted working towards the centre and leaving the edges in the medium base shade. Each layer of the very diluted paint has been applied by  brushing vertically in very thin stripes and so that the underlying colour shows through creating the appearance of (hopefully) a grimy, worn surface with paint wearing off the leading edges.

WIP: Ellenor Renard...

'Shards of Liberty' Kickstarter exclusive miniature.

Friday, 17 October 2014

While waiting...

...for the 'Shards of Liberty' miniatures to dry after washing to remove any mold release residue I did a little more work on one of the Afterlife 'Vanguard' troopers - Republic Raider Exo-Mech - for the dio(s) I'm planning.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

"These are the 'droids we're looking for!"... promised pics of several miniatures from Anvil Industry's Afterlife: Shards of Liberty Kickstarter. It must be stated right away that these miniatures are prototypes and not the final product so, yes, there may be a few flaws (actually Joel I didn't find anything major that couldn't be sorted very quickly) and you may be able to spot a few print lines but I'm confidant that when the miniatures are released to the backers they'll be nigh on perfect.
I'm going to start with the war-droids as these are absolute stunners. Built largely on the chassis of the Unity Council 'Ajax' exo-mech the miniatures arrived with separate 'arm's and 'head' so the possibility of further weapon options and a duifferent sensor array is possible in the future.

Next is Special Operative Ellenor Renard the Kickstarter exlusive miniature

...and finally for this post Lena Petrova Electronic specialist (not great photos these - in the front view you can't see the very detailed implants 'cap' she is wearing)

I have a two more female civilians to show you but haven't had time to put them together yet. Hopefully tomorrow... meantime pop over to the KS and pledge!

New 15mm Khurasan vehicles...

...which for the moment will remain untitled as it's been so long since I spoke to Jon about them I've forgotten their names! When Jon gets back to me I'll post separate WIPs until then:-

I think their is possibley I misconception about the size of this transporter particularly if you see the 'cabin' as a space that would seat several crew - the windows are essentially vision slits for what would be a single driver. I'll dig out some of the Khurasan troopers I have and do a comparison but meantime here's the 'Transporter' with one of Jons lovely little 'Jeeps' I'm painting for my own collection.

I've also started the long-wheel base version of the 'Polecat' (I think it might be called a 'Stoat', don't quote me though).

...and with the 'Polecat'

WIPs soon and more vehicles to follow.