Saturday, 3 March 2012

'Stole' some time... do a very quick paint job on one of the Eisenkorn Sturmtruppen. It's not quite finished and the photos are awful but painting really does bring out the detail. I'll finish painting today (in between lining the detail on sixteen GOT troopers!) add a base and do a few decent photos.


  1. For a 'quick' paint job, that is superb. It really shows all the detail you get on the miniature. The subtle green/black/grey suits it...I must admit that every time I have seen these, grey immediately sprang to mind but this one looks great :)

  2. bloody hell that was quick! They really are amongst the best minis I've seen. BTW did you see the Grymn with the Russian suit?

  3. Yep (thanks). I have come to the conclusion that I need to adapt the torso of the Russian suit in order for a Grymn pilot to I'll be doing that at some point.

    The reason I was so quick to post is that these Sturmtruppen looked good in the metal but you have raised them further...they look really cool.